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15 Years in business

15 Years in business

15 Years of VoiceHost

15 Years in business

Staying power

VoiceHost has entered its 15th year of business. We are incredibly proud, given that the average company lifespan has been steadily shrinking over the years to only around Ten years in 2019. Heavy sector competition makes staying power all the scarcer, and whilst others make noise, VoiceHost is, for the most part, quietly striving forwards. The VoiceHost wholesale program is in its 10th year too. Started in early 2011 and still with partners from that year actively using our service is a testament to our staying power.

A retrospective

VoiceHost began from nothing; there were no Angel Investors nor great personal wealth to buy last chance saloons. Since 2006 this organic growth rocketed; primarily from the wholesale channel in 2011. We became an ISP the following year and have since been building out the network, which is entirely our own flavour. Since then, we have forged a place and purpose in a crowded market and seen tremendous growth, even recognised by Deloitte in the Fast50. Growth drove VoiceHost for several years and truly tested the company’s ability to scale up and keep with the pace of the market. An incredible amount has been learnt over this time, and if ever a quote ran true, it would be about perseverance, and in the words of Thomas Edison: “I have not failed 10,000 times. I’ve successfully found 10,000 ways that will not work.”

Serving the on-demand economy

VoiceHost has without doubt, ridden the wave of digital transformation and continues to grow year on year. However, the key differentiator has been the service provided to our partners and customers. Providing simple, straightforward products and services backed up by self-service tools and 24hr support has set us apart from our peers. Thankfully as technology has improved, our life has become easier, as erratic connectivity no longer hinders the uptake of IP communications. All-IP will, of course, serve as the de facto when the incumbent consigns analogue to the history books. As telecoms converge within the UK and globally, we only see the demand for our services increasing, provided we continue to innovate at the pace of market demand.

Openreach Pricing Increases

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Openreach Pricing Increases

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