Why choose VoIP and Hosted PBX?

The Benefits of VoIP and Hosted PBX versus the PSTN and POTS

Why choose VoIP and Hosted PBX?

Companies selling voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) or Hosted PBX solutions will almost always use a barrage of buzzwords such as: agility, scalability, mobility, usability, feature-rich, unified, future-proofed and lower CAPEX and OPEX.

Without a doubt the simplest way to describe VoIP or Hosted PBX implementation and its benefits is with the word freedom.

Just as you can connect to the internet from anywhere, you can also utilise your private VoIP account from anywhere that you can access the internet.

Just as you can build a private network by adding devices to your home and business networks (smartphones and laptops etc.), you can also add, change or bring-your-own-device to your private VoIP network.

A fixed telephone line (POTS) uses circuit switching, this means that when the circuit is made to connect a call, the line is busy for anyone or anything else.

As the vast majority of the worlds internet connections use packet-switching, multiple telephone calls can be made at the same time with greater quality and security than circuit switching.

As packet switched connections don't care what's being transmitted they can support video, instant messaging, fax and voice calling all at the same time.

The difference between packet switching and circuit switching is shown below:

Fixed Line POTS Circuit Switched versus VoIP Packet Switched networks

What's the benefit of a Hosted PBX over me using my own?

This is where all the other buzz words like CAPEX, OPEX, feature-rich and future-proofing to name a few come in.

To start with, the development and maintenance of the network is a cost borne by the VoIP provider. Couple this with some neat principles that are fundamental to SIP (session initiation protocol), the protocol supported by most VoIP providers and the following can be achieved.

You're not stuck with a manufacturer as SIP is a cross platform, multi-vendor protocol which is completely open and not under any patent. You could use any SIP enabled phone or app all mixed together and even buy some second-hand SIP phones if you're not bothered on having the latest kit.

Neat features like auto-provisioning mean that you can simply plug-n-play without the need to know or understand anything technical. VoiceHost doesn’t limit you in terms of features or users so you can scale-up or down whenever you see fit.

When it comes to agility and future-proofing, VoiceHost is committed developing our proprietary VoIP platform to keep up with technological advances and the broad needs or our customers. As everything is hosted in the cloud, you won’t ever need to upgrade or change licenses in order to stay on the bleeding edge.

VoiceHost is currently expending its API to allow for complete integration into CRMs like Salesforce, ZoHo and SugarCRM and empowering users to develop bespoke solutions directly.

You need very little imagination to realise the benefits of a Hosted PBX but the possibilities are endless.


UK businesses & home users moving to VoIP

Join the millions of users that have moved over to VoIP telecommunications.

VoiceHost caters for residential, business and public sector organisations by enabling you to make SIP phone calls using our advanced, resilient network.

As a UK VoIP provider we can help with a greatly reduced telecoms cost and the complete flexibility to manage you own VoIP telephone system.

      "Our aim is to provide the best possible service at the best possible price."

VoiceHost also specialises in providing QoS enhanced SIP based internet connections though our own IP data network.

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