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Which Provider? Why VoiceHost?

Which Provider? Why VoiceHost?

Why Choose VoiceHost as you cloud communications provider?

Which Provider? Why VoiceHost?

Why Choose VoiceHost? - The IP Telephony platform providers market

A retrospective of the last decade highlights provider consolidation due to the increased number of providers selling telephony platforms and partly due to the complexities and costs of running a scalable platform.

There are two distinct camps in the 'Cloud Telephony Platform' arena and those are:

  • Pure-play telco platform vendors such as BroadSoft, Metaswitch, Netsapiens, and Ribbon (Genband), Centile (Providers include Vonage, CenturyLink, Gamma, Wavenet, Exponential-e,VanillaIP, BT, Daisy and many many more........)
  • Orignal Platform Developers such as VoiceHost
Why do providers choose Broadsoft?

The benefits are comparable to Personal Contract Hire agreements. The providers get a shiny new platform but only on a licenced basis. There's no capital outlay or investment and the maintenance overheads are vastly removed.

The flood of Vanilla platforms is almost exclusively down to current Broadsoft dominance and is the reason why VoiceHost can differentiate as a platform provider.

Why should the consumer or reseller care and does it really matter?

There are some obvious points to understand before making any decisions and how these are ranked against your needs, they are:

  • User fees will be supporting the providers bulk licence pool which means unused capacity is still paid for, so higher user fees are inevitable.
  • Obsfucate costs through bundles and long-term contracts. Most will try to tie you in as Pure-Play Providers will need to forecast their licences and tightly control their overheads making them need to tie you in for long periods upwards of 12 months.
  • The lack of ownership means that as customers requirements change, the provider may not be able to. In a rapidly changing landscape companies that can be agile and offer dynamic propositions keep their customers happier for longer.
  • Resolution Times and SLA. The increased length and complexity of the supply chain means that fault and query resolution times will be longer.
  • Privacy is paramount in cloud provider space and you can be assured that because we manage and run our own platform that there are as fewer people exposed to our systems as possible. 
  • GDPR and other privacy legislation is also a factor as companies like Broadsoft Inc would constitute an international data transfer which is even riskier when dealing with companies that are not Privacy-Shield registered and attested
Development and Neutrality
  • Vendor Agnostic. We firmly believe that interop should be customer driven. The recent purchase of Broadsoft from Cisco presents a huge conflict of interests. It can no longer be considered vendor neutral which is bad news if you want to BYOD or use another vendor. 
  • Customer-driven development and bespoke work are unheard off or extremely expensive as providers have no control over the development and performance of the platform.

VoiceHost develops and manages its platform along with the added benefits of being an ISP. Our Network is designed specifically for IP Telephony and cloud communications.

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