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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) - Update

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) - Update

Remote Working

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) - Update

How is VoiceHost coping? 

VoiceHost does have a central office in Norwich but all of our staff have the capability to work remotely from the moment they become employees. 
The entire company has been working remotely since Monday and this has very little effect upon the effectiveness of the business. 

We are of course reliant upon our suppliers in order to maintain complete continuity but customers should rest assured that it’s currently still business as usual until further notice in this rapidly changing situation. 

Face-to-Face and Openreach 

Openreach have changed their approach to engineering appointments and the circumstances when appointments would not proceed (excludes EAD). Your support would be appreciated if appointments can be proactively managed and rescheduled where anyone in the premises has been diagnosed with COVID-19 or has been asked to self-isolate. This will save disappointment and inconvenience. The Openreach change information is available here and correct at the time of publish and subject to change.
Openreach Appointment Changes

How can our services help you? 

Customers can and should be making full use of our conferencing services, along with Softphones for mobility if you do not have IP handsets at home, or diverts where possible. 
VPNs for our managed broadband services can keep your business running as smoothly as possible too.
We also have Microsoft Teams integration if you need comprehensive unified communications.

We're here to help 

If you have any questions or queries then please don’t hesitate to contact our teams, which are always available on via telephone, email and webchat as usual during office hours or our support team which is 24/7.

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