The Endless Pursuit for Perfection

VoiceHost - The endless pursuit for perfection

The endless pursuit for perfection - VoIP Telephony and the paradox of Usability and Security

IP communications present many obvious security concerns for users, providers and network operators alike.
Whether the victim of malicious activity or of a monetary loss through fraud, there is an obvious correlation between the immediate cash value and delayed value due to the damage of reputation throughout the service chain.

With this in mind, the balance of usability and security is paramount if not for a singular reason:

The success of communications technology is firmly hinged on its ability to deploy swiftly and its intuitiveness. This paradigm can easily be broken by cyber-crime.

Imagine if you didn’t even need to log in to your email to check it. That would be extremely easy for users – it would have a high degree of usability – but it would have no degree of security. Now imagine that in order to access your email you had to type in a password, decipher a visually encrypted code and then type in a one-time code sent to you by SMS. That would have a high degree of security but an extremely low degree of usability.

VoiceHost has firmly positioned itself at this inflection point by creating a simple to use telephony platform with the benefits of easy to use security options.
We offer call encryption via private QoS data circuits. These are a fast, secure way to delivery calls direct to the VoiceHost core network and with honeypot data being used proactively across our network; we can help negate dubious activity.

Were here to make your transition from traditional telecoms to internet telephony as painless as possible.

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