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Microsoft Teams Integration

Microsoft Teams Integration

Microsoft Teams Sip Trunking Integration

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

Microsoft Teams Integration

VoiceHost can now offer Microsoft Teams integration allowing Microsoft Teams users to route calls via VoiceHost SIP Trunking.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a powerful collaboration suite that allows users to have voice, video, instant message, file and desktop sharing all organised into groups or teams making it a comprehensive UC (Unified Communication) tool.

Microsoft Teams is not the same as Lync or Skype-for-Business which is focused around voice and video conferencing. VoiceHost offers conferencing as part of our platform so users will achieve the best of both worlds making VoiceHost with Microsoft Teams integration a powerful tool-set.

How does it work?

Microsoft Teams has some very specific requirements for interoperability that presents costly and protracted issues for setup and maintenance such as having either Ribbon (Genband) or Audiocodes SBCs and atypical SIP configurations

We can remove all of the complex Microsoft Teams interop so that you can be setup in minutes receiving and making calls via your VoiceHost SIP Trunk.

You will need to have the required Microsoft licences to use the service with your teams/365 user accounts.

Office 365 - Licencing Requirements

E1 with Phone System Add-on

E3 with Phone System Add-on

E5 (already includes the Phone System add-on)

Integration Options

Teams SIP Trunking – This is a basic integration that allow users to receive inbound calls via a VoiceHost telephone number and make telephone calls via the VoiceHost network. Advanced platform features are not compatible with this setup.

Teams Hosted Seat – This is a full integration with the VoiceHost platform and allow users treat Microsoft Teams users as they would do any other seat on their account. Advanced platform features are fully compatible with this setup.

The benefits VoiceHost SIP Trunking with Microsoft Teams?

You can take advantage of our Hybrid features and incorporate them into your workflows such as IVRs, Global Telephone Numbering, Conferencing, Hunt Groups and our own special flavour of Hosted PBX.

Teams InteropTeams Mobile client

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