RID code process

Why is this change happening?

WLR and Broadband have traditionally been managed and transferred in different ways. WLR has been transferred via the GPL process with no need for a Migration Authority Code (MAC), whereas Broadband transfers have been managed by the losing provider using the MAC process. This inconsistency has led to confusion in the industry, which these process changes aim to address.

Using the new GPL/NoT process, a customer can call a new provider and request a transfer of either WLR or Broadband, which the new provider will place. This removes the need for customers to contact their current/losing provider for a MAC.

How will the GPL/NoT process work?

GPL/NoT results in the new provider owning the ordering process, the customer does not have to contact their current provider at all. The stages of the switching process will be as follows:

  1. The customer notifies the new provider that they wish to move to their service.
  2. The new provider will place an order for the service they wish to move.
  3. This order will be sent via VoiceHost to our suppliers who will send the required message to the losing provider.
  4. The losing provider will send confirmation of the move and any early termination fees/product cease notifications to the customer.
  5. If the customer is happy with the confirmation, they do not need to respond, leaving the order to go ahead as planned. If they are not happy with any of the details, they can contact their current provider to cancel the order request is considered to be incorrect or unauthorised.
  6. Once complete you will receive confirmation of the order’s success.

What is a Reseller ID (RID)?

A RID is a 3 digit Ofcom controlled code used to monitor and manage Broadband (and WLR) switching, making it easier for customers to switch these services as part of the GPL/NoT transfer process. From the 20th June 2015 the use of RID codes will be mandatory, and all Broadband orders will need to be stamped with that of the gaining provider’s.

It’s important to note that a RID is already required for all WLR orders. So if you already resell WLR you should have a RID code that can also be used for Broadband.

If you are ordering a Broadband service via VoiceHost we will use your RID code for the order. This will be attached to the order so that our supplier and Ofcom can monitor which orders are completing successfully and which need to be cancelled. This system is being put in place to protect your customers from being moved against their wishes and also manage those providers who may place orders without customer permission.

How do I get a RID?

If you already use a RID code for purchasing WLR from another provider you can simply use this RID code with us. However, if you don’t have a RID code all you need to do is send an email to the following address requesting an S18 form.

numbering.applications [at] ofcom.org.uk

Please add ‘RID REQUEST’ as the subject line to make sure your email is dealt with promptly. Once you have your RID code, keep a record of it and we will let you know when and how it should be used.

What do these changes mean for my business?

  • From the 15th November 2014 our suppliers will be making the RID and postcode field’s mandatory. Don’t worry if you do not have your own RID code yet, we will use our RID in the interim for your orders. The current MAC process will also continue until the 20th June 2015.
  • From the 20th June 2015 the MAC process will cease – customers will now contact you directly to start the order-switching process.
  • You will need to have your own RID code from Ofcom by this date.
  • With the new process, migrations will take up to 10 days from 20th June 2015 rather than the current 5 days. This allows for the losing provider to send the required communications to the customer.

If you have any questions or concerns about the GPL/NoT process, please speak to your Account Manager.


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