VoiceHost saves Tesco Internet Phone (Freshtel) users

tesco internet phone voip service by freshtel

Tesco's Internet Phone service was handled by Freshtel UK, whose demise prompted Tesco to drop the service. The phone numbers issued to Tesco customers came from Freshtel UK, now out of the picture, with Cable & Wireless routing the calls to Freshtel and thus having no responsibility for the end customers. So there's no one available to forward the calls and the numbers are now orphaned.

VoiceHost worked tirelessly to help stranded customers from the defunct service and was able to negotiate new home. After several long conference calls with the regulator OFCOM, Tesco, Cable and Wireless and Freshtel VoiceHost has managed to get all of the telephone ranges to all UK area codes allocated under our name and built into our network. We now provide a full service for any existing customer and can even help with unlocking the old handsets and equiptment to reconfigure them. The hardware manufacturer GIGASET have enbled VoiceHost to publish this for all legacy Tesco VoIP customers.


"I have had my tesco internet phone more or less since they first started it and it was brilliant until recently when the service started playing up a bit. When they announced that they were packing in I was gutted. I own 2 Siements DP450 base stations and 3 phones all tied to the Tesco network!

I came across Voicehost and they have successfully helped me to unlock the DP450 and are now in the process of porting my number across to them. Brilliant response times and the support guys really seem to know their stuff unlike the tesco support team!"

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