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Call Conferencing

Call Conferencing

What is Call Conferencing?

Conferencing allows you to create a phone meeting with multiple callers all connected at the same time.

Conference Number: This is your unique conferencing number. You will be asked to enter this code when ringing the conference number.

Features: The three features are:

  • Listen Only – This allows you to be able to listen in to the conference but you cannot be heard when speaking.
  • Announce Attendee – This plays an announcement when a new caller joins the conference.
  • Music On Hold – This sets whether you want to hear music when being put on hold in the conference

Security: This allows you to set a PIN and an Admin PIN for the conference call.

Access Numbers: This displays the telephone numbers to dial (whether on-net or off-net) to access the conference.

To dial into conferencing service from any network please dial 0843 5575575 (Calls charged at 5ppm excluding your providers Access Charge).
You can assign any type of number, including international numbers in your account directly to the conferencing service.

Off-Net - 0843 5575575
On-Net - 155
Conference Room Short Codes (pressing * takes you to the menu)

*1 (mute and unmute)
*2 (Lock and unlock - admin only)
*3 (Kick the last joined user - admin only)
*4 and *6 (Conference room volume up/down)
*7 and *9 (users volume up/down)