Call Queues

What are Call Queues?

Call queues allow you to create a queue of customers when the required phones cannot answer the call. Then when available the calls get answered one by one going through the queue in order.

This page displays a list of call queues the account. In order to add a new queue click Add Queue in the top right corner.

Once having clicked on either a call queue or Add Queue you will see the Call Queue Configuration window. From this window you can set up the following:

Name – This is the name of your Call Queue. The Call Queue will always appear by this name.

Queue Settings:

Max Queue Time – This sets how long a user can be in a queue before terminating the call.

Max Queue Length - This sets the maximum length of the queue before timing out the callers.

Time-Out Destination – This sets where the caller is diverted to if the queue time has expired.

Enter Agent-Less Queue – This sends callers straight to the time out if no agents are in the queue.

Welcome Message:

Prompt – This allows you to set a custom prompt as a welcome message for the call queue

Music On Hold:

Type – This sets the on hold call music for the queue.

Queue Jump:

Destination – This allows a caller that wishes to skip the queue to go straight to a new destination.

Add Agents – This allows you to add agents to the queue.

Agents – This shows you what agents are in the queue.

Dynamic Agents – This allows the agents to log in and out of the queue using dialling short-codes.

Ring Settings:

Ring Strategy – This sets the type of ringing for the Agents. Either Ring All or Round Robin.

Ring Time – This sets the ring time for the queue.

Retry Agents Every – This sets how often the ringing cycle starts again.

Wrap-Up Time – This allows a set time after finishing a call for the agent to then be rung again.

Report To Agent:

Hold Time – When selected this tells the agent how long the caller has been on hold.

Queue Identification – This tells the agent which queue the caller has come from.

Caller Announcements:

Average Hold Time – When selected this tells the caller the average hold time.

Position/Time Frequency – This sets the frequency of informing the customer of their queue position.

Periodic Announce – This allows you to play a periodic message to the caller.

Periodic Frequency – This sets the frequency of playing the periodic message.

Overflow Message – This is the message that is played when the queue is full.


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