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D-Link 320b Modem Configuration

D-Link 320b Modem Configuration

D-Link 320b Modem Configuration when using in bridged mode with supported VoIP router.

As some routers do not include a modem for either adsl2+ and/or FTTC you may need to setup the following.


Setup of D-Link DSL-320B (Rev. Z) as bridge/ADSL modem for use with CISCO router

  1. • Starting with factory reset settings, change the following...
  2. • MAINTENANCE > Password: change the password from default to something secure. (Resets to “admin”/“admin”.) • SETUP > ADSL Setup page :
  3. • Connection type: “1483 Bridged IP LLC” (not “1483 Bridged IP VC-mux”)
  4. • Check VPI set to “0”, VCI set to 38 (not “33” – can be hard to tell apart as small font on the web page).

• SETUP > LAN Setup page : • Set Router IP Address to be in a different sub-net to the local network or other WAN sources. (Local system changed for this reason to use )
• Leave DHCP “Enabled”. (Labelling on this page confusing due to poor positioning of labels and buttons when rendered in some browsers Testing – connect DSL-320B directly to the network socket on PC/laptop :
• Connect web browser to Router IP Address set above and log-in.
• In Network Manager on PC/laptop add a temporary DSL connection (“Edit Connections...” > “DSL” > “Add”), under “DSL” tab add Username and Password for the ADSL service.