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Fax to Email

Fax to Email

Why use the fax to email feature?

Once you have understood the advantages of sending fax messages over and IP network or the Internet instead of the traditional phone line, you will want to know how you can achieve that. One important thing to note in IP Faxing is that fax messages are not sent to and from phone lines as traditionally, and hence do not require phone numbers, but are sent to and from IP addresses. Let’s see how you can fax over IP in the three ways.
Using a fax gateway, through the T.38 protocol. This is also called real-time faxing, i.e. the fax messages are sent and received at once, without having to wait and stored. It works, on the outside, like traditional faxing.

If you point your virtual fax number (any number can be pointed to the VoiceHost fax service) you will then be able to receive faxes to any emails specified in the control panel.

Increase Security

- Optional password protection of the PDF file that is emailed allows only the relevant person(s) to open and read the fax.

Setting up the feature
  1. Navigate to 'Telephone Numbers' within the control panel (see below)
  2. Select the destination of the number as 'Fax'
  3. Enter the required email address and password (optional) as required.