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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

In order to save you as much time as possible we've collated our frequently asked questions.

What are the full costs?

Our telephony platform services are not all charged and we only charge on what you add to your account so if you have only one telephone number, that's all you will be charged for.

Please check our list of chargeable features and don't worry as we'll prompt you before you add a chargeable feature.

Do I have to commit to a minimum term?

There is no minimum term to simply have access to your VoiceHost account. However, some features such as vanity numbering or leased lines have a minimum term.

This is always clearly displayed prior to purchase.

Which Payment Methods are Available?

We encourage our UK based customers to pay via direct debit (subject to credit application) otherwise you can 'Pay-As-You-Go' using a debit card, credit card or PayPal.

Unfortunately, we do not accept cheques.

Can I port my telephone number(s) to your service?

For UK geographic numbers starting 01/02 then yes but please check with our support team on who the current provider/network operator and range holder is so that we can let you know the timescales.

For non-geographic numbers please check with Support as to the likelihood of porting the number.

0845s and 0870s are normally OK, 0842/3/4 and 0871/2/3 revenue sharing numbers are not guaranteed, particularly with newer providers. Lead times vary depending on the number(s) and current or prior services, especially if it was ported from the range holder into another network operator. If you want to be absolutely sure please speak to one of our Support team.

Full number porting guidance is available HERE (number-porting-complete-handbook)

Can I use my existing Handsets and do you recommend any?

We sell, support and recommend the following brand of handsets, please view for the latest offers or bring your own device (BYOD Change may apply).

Supported and compatible handset list is available here

Can I present my company's number for outgoing calls?

You can, this is known as number masquerading or number spoofing. There are strict Ofcom regulations governing this, consequently, we have to adhere to them. Before we can allow you, or your customer, to present the number we need the following:

- The Letter of Authority signed by the end user (please ask Support for a copy of this form);

- Top copy of a recent bill from the current communications provider of the number.

Once we have both those returned we can then allow you to present this number for outgoing calls. The bill is also an Ofcom requirement.

Can I delete a call record or Call Recording?

The short answer is no. In order to maintain data integrity and trust, records cannot be altered or deleted.

Is calling between handsets (On Net) calling free?

Yes, all calls that remain on the VoiceHost network are free of charge.

Can I retrieve a call recording after it has been removed from the portal?

Once a call recording has been securely deleted it cannot ever be retrieved.

In order to adhere to ISO27001, 9001, PCI-DSS and MIFID file integrity, including deletion means the system cannot be overridden.

Can I provision a SIP trunk to connect to my PBX

Yes, Support is able to provide you with some of the essential details for the SIP trunk to aid setting up your PABX to connect correctly.

Although not enabled by default, we do provide SIP trunks for compatible IP PBX systems. However, you have to be familiar with the hardware you're connecting as there are many PABX systems out there and we don't know them all! Support will be happy to try and assist you as far as possible in getting the trunk online. With any deployment of a PABX intended for SIP, we recommend reading and understanding the following ITSPA best practises document: (PDF link) SIP trunks by default are limited on the number of outbound calls they can make in order to help reduce the risk of fraudulent calls. If you need this limit increased beyond the maximum available and configurable in your control panel, please speak to your Account manager and please have the relevant account number to hand.


Can I add my own custom hold music?

Yes, remember to check if you need a licence to use anyone else's music/composition to avoid any legal ramifications.

Can I use another provider with your services?

Yes, we fully understand that customers may want to mix providers for a host of reasons so please feel free to use our services with another provider or vice-versa.

Can I control my PBX? (Is the system self-service?)

Yes, after account setup and any validation you are free to add/remove services as you see fit. We're here to help 24/7 if you get stuck though!

Is there a charge for incoming calls?

Excluding freephone numbering (0800/0808) we do not charge for inbound calls on our standard tariffs.

Which Broadband products are available in my area?

Please use our broadband checker to see which products are available here
VoiceHost offer ADSL ADSL2+ FTTC, G.Fast and FTTP broadband connections