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PAP2T ATA guide - Linksys Cisco

PAP2T ATA guide - Linksys Cisco

Configuration Guide for Linksys ATA PAP2T
  1. Plug the ATA into the network, plug into analogue phone, then plug in the power.
  2. Give it a minute or two to start up, then dial **** on the analogue phone, then when the prompt plays, dial 110# to obtain the IP address of the ATA. (IP address will be in the format 192.168.x.x where x is between 0 and 255)
  3. Plug the IP address into a web browser on the computer.
  4. Click on the “Admin Login” on the right-hand side of the screen.
  5. Click on “Line 1”

Change the following values:

  • Line Enable: yes
  • Sip Port: 5060
  • Register Expires: 60
  • Proxy:
  • Display Name: <Your Name>
  • User ID: <Extension Number> (in the format xxxxx*xxx)
  • Password: <Extension Password>
  • Preferred Codec: G711a