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Linphone Softphone Setup

Linphone Softphone Setup

Compatibility and Download:
Linphone is compatible in the following environments:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Mac
  • Windows

You can download Linphone desktop version for Windows and Mac here:

Once installed you simply need to enter the following settings by selecting 'Add SIP Account'.

Account name: This can be set as you wish and is merely for reference. If you’re configuring multiple accounts then it makes sense to set this to something relevant.
User name: This would be your account number followed by the seat/ext number you wish to configure – <accountnumber>*<ext/seatnumber>
Password: This is the password relevant to your ext/seat
Outbound proxy: This should be set as however leave Use Outbound Proxy disabled. Should you have problems registering then it may help if you turn this on.
Network Settings: In this option is another setting titled Refresh which should be set to 60.

With all the above done, come out of the Network Settings screen so your back at the SIP Account screen.

Your Linphone softphone should now be registered.