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MITEL MCD 6.X with VoiceHost SIP trunks

MITEL MCD 6.X with VoiceHost SIP trunks

Configuring Mitel IP PBX SIP Trunks

This document provides a reference

to Mitel Authorized Solutions providers for configuring

the Mitel 3300 ICP to connect to VoiceHost SIP trunks. The different devices can be

configured in various configurations

depending on your VoIP solution. This document covers

a basic setup with the required option setup.

Interop History








November 2013

Initial Interop with Mitel 3300 6.0 SP1 and VoiceHost




Interop Status

The Interop of VoiceHost trunk line has been given a Certification status. This service

provider or trunking device will be included in the SIP CoE Reference Guide. The status VoiceHost trunk line achieved is: COMPATIBLE

The most common certification which means VoiceHost SIP trunk has been tested and/or validated by the Mitel SIP CoEteam.

Product support will provide all necessary support related to the interop, but issues unique or specific to the 3rd party will be referred to the 3rd party as appropriate.

Software & Hardware Setup

This was the test setup to generate a basic SIP call between VoiceHost trunk line and the 3300ICP.



Software Version





3300ICP MXe





Minet sets:5340,5220,5330





MBG - Teleworker





MBG - Gateway