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NEC SV8100/SL1100/SL1000 - SIP Configuration

NEC SV8100/SL1100/SL1000 - SIP Configuration

NEC SIP PBX Configuration Notes:

HOTFIX 16/08/2017 - The ISDN setting 20-25-02 must be enabled, and then the tone setting 80-01-02-05 must be 26 with the duration set to maximum and gain level to 0db.

Use the specific configuration guide below as an example to configure an SV8100 or SL11100/SL1000
PBX for connection to the service described above via SIP trunks.

NOTE: The service uses “Networking Mode” which means that the NEC system does not maintain a
registration. This means that the system is unable to determine if the SIP server is available and
if it is acceptable to set up calls.

The full document can be downloaded below :

NEC Configuration Guide