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Paxton Access Net2Entry SIP Door Controller Configuration

Paxton Access Net2Entry SIP Door Controller Configuration

Paxton Access Net2Entry SIP Intercom Panel Configuration

Once the hardware and configuration utility is installed you should allocate an extension your VoiceHost control panel.

Enter the details for the extension into the SIP tab within the Paxton Access Net2Entry configuration utility.

VoIP calls can be instigated from the Intercom panel and once answered simply press '1' to release the door as per the Net2 settings.

Video codec negotiation is not optional nor transcode and should is forced to H.264 on all other endpoints on the VoiceHost Network.

You will be able to do the following which does have limitations:

  1. Release the Net2 door ACU from any handset or softphone on the VoiceHost network. NOTE: You will not be able to release/open the door off-network (i.e mobile NTS) as DTMF is not carried are per RFC2833 'out-of-band'
  2. Instigating a call directly to the panel will not work as the SIP stack does not register at custom intervals
  3. The far-end will experience echo as the SIP stack doesn't allow the settings to be changed.

Enable SIP in the Net2Entry Configuration Utility

Load the Paxton Access Net2 Entry Configuration Utility and select the site you wish to enable SIP for. Navigate to the SIP Account tab and enter the VoiceHost SIP details as shown below.

Paxton Access Net2Entry SIP Setup

Add Telephone Numbers, Groups, External Numbers into the Address Book. A list of available platform shortcodes is here:

Paxton Access Net2Entry Configuration Utility

You should now be able to make calls to your VoiceHost extension(s) via the Paxton Net2 Entry Intercom Panel