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SMS API - mobile text message access

SMS API - mobile text message access

The SMS API allows you to send and receive messages using a standard application using HTML POST and GET commands. Most programming languages support these methods.

Sending SMS via HTTP POST/GET (Post Values)

account_no VoiceHost Account No
password VoiceHost Account Password
to_number Mobile Number To Send Message To
from_number Telephone Number SMS Sent From
message 160 Characters For Message

HTTP POST Location:

Response Codes:

0 Message Sent
1 Invalid Login
2 Not Enough Credit


Receiving SMS via HTTP POST: (Post Values)

to_number Telephone Number The SMS Was Sent To
from_number Telephone Number That Sent The Message
message 160 Characters Containing The Message
time The Time The SMS Was Sent

To receive SMS messages your script must be accessible via the internet. To configure the SMS system to deliver SMS's to your script, please login to your VoiceHost control panel and select 'Telephone Numbers'. Select the advanced configuration icon to the left of the telephone number you would like to configure.
In the 'SMS Receive' section select 'HTTP Post (Advanced)' from the 'Action Type' drop down. In the address field, enter the full address of your script. When an SMS is received they will automatically be delivered to your SMS script.