Softphone Setup - VoiceHost Mobile Application

Setting up the VoiceHost softphone application for iOS and Android

  • Login to your VoiceHost control panel and either add a seat or convert an existing seat. (You cannot currently use the same seat as a live handset)
  • If the Softphone Tab is greyed out then enable it under the 'User Manager' menu (requires administrator priviledges).
  • If you wish to use video, navigate to 'seat setup' select 'advanced' and 'enable video'
    1. Navigate to 'Softphone' and select 'enable'
    2. Click 'Save' to confirm the changes
    3. The control panel will show a QR code to use with the App and the device will auto setup.
  • Download the Softphone app using the badges at or search via the Apple and Google app stores.   
  • Launch the app on the smart phone or tablet and tap the QR code button to launch the QR reader.

VoiceHost iOS and Android app

4. Point the phone or device camera at the QR code and the app will indicate that it has successfully read the QR code.

  • The device will provision to your Hosted PBX extension after around 5 seconds.
  • You are now ready to use the VoiceHost softphone application.
De-Provisioning / Removal
  1. Under the apps settings select 'Reset Application'
  2. Delete from Application the device

Softphone Specifications

iOS CompatibilityiOS 8.0 or above (Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch)
Android CompatibilityGingerbread 2.3.3 or above
Ports443 TCP
24998 TCP
5061 TCP | TLS
Hosted SeatRequires dedicated seat/extension
Andriod and Apple Softphone VoIP and SIP


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