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Submitting telephone numbers to the UK phonebook

Special Phone Book Entries (SPBE) are adverts available under listings in the Classified, Business A-Z and Residential A-Z sections of The Phone Book.

VoiceHost can submit telephone numbers into the UK national and local area phonebook(s).along with the ability to submit 'Special Phone Book Entries' (SPBE).

SPBE's are chargeable depending on the typeface used (Bold, Italic etc).

Please contact the sales team for pricing on SPBEs

Ported Numbers with existing SPBEs:

If you port a telephone number to VoiceHost that is already included in a phonebook with a SPBE then we will notify you with a reminder when we are notified by BT.

Example Special Phone Book Entries' (SPBE):

Special Phone Book Entries SPBE

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