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Help Portal

Help Portal

You can search for topics using the search tools or by simply browsing through the list. Should you be unable to find the information you require online then please contact us.
Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the information here is kept updated this cannot be guarenteed and should be treated as such.

  1. 2n Helios Verso IP Door Entry Configuration for SIP - How to configure the SIP client for the 2n Helios Verso IP Door Entry range.
  2. 3CX - SIP Trunk Guide - How to setup a SIP trunk to 3CX PBX
  3. Aastra 6753i SIP Phones - Configuration Guide for Aastra 6753i SIP Phones
  4. Asterisk PBX SIP Trunk Configuration - Our service is 100% compatible with Asterisk using either standard SIP registration, or IP authentication where SIP trunks are configured as such.
  5. Avaya IP Office SIP trunk guide - How to setup Avaya IP Office for use with SIP trunking
  6. Blacklists and Whitelists - This feature allows you to create a list of telephone numbers that can be applied to either inbound calling or outbound calling.
  7. BLF or Busy Lamp Field - What are Busy Lamp Fields or BLFs and how do i configure them?
  8. Bridged Mode Routers (Modem Only) - Bridge mode lets you connect two routers without the risk of performance issues. Bridge mode is the configuration that disables the NAT feature on the modem and allows a router to function as a DHCP server without an IP Address conflict.
  9. Broadband Connection Fault Checklist - List of checks to complete with VoiceHost DSL products
  10. Broadband Network General Settings - VoiceHost Broadband Network - General Settings and Configuration
  11. BT Business Hub Router problems with SIP ALG - BT Business Hubs and Home Hubs update remotely so are advised against use with Internet Telephony.
  12. Calculating VoIP Bandwidth and Data Allowance - How good does my internet connection need to be? Calculating VoIP Bandwidth and Data Allowance
  13. Call Conferencing - Telephone conferencing walkthrough
  14. Call Encryption - TLS/SRTP walkthrough - Call Encryption - TLS/SRTP walkthrough
  15. Call Groups - Call Group walkthrough
  16. Call Monitoring - Call monitoring walkthrough
  17. Call Parking - Call parking is a feature of our cloud PBX that allows a user to put a caller on hold at one telephone and continue the conversation from any other telephone within their account.
  18. Call Quality Defining using R-Factor and MOS - Measuring call quality with MOS and RFactor
  19. Call Queues - Call Queue walkthrough
  20. Call Recording - Call recording is an available feature via the VoiceHost portal
  21. Call Records - Call records walkthrough
  22. CDR API - Call Detail Records - The CDR API is available upon request.
  23. Cisco 7940 Series Phone Configuration - Cisco 7940 Series Phone Configuration Guide.
  24. Cisco RV016 RV042G and RV082 routers - How to configure Cisco RV016 RV042G and RV082 routers
  25. Cisco RV320 and RV325 Router Configuration - Setup and configuration for Cisco RV320 and RV325 routers
  26. Cisco SPA303 and SPA5xx function keys programming - How to configure custom function keys on Cisco SPA series phones.
  27. Cisco SPA303G Phone User Guide - How to use a Cisco SPA 303G VoIP Phone with the VoiceHost platform
  28. Cisco SPA504G Phone User Guide - How to setup and use a Cisco SPA 504G VoIP Phone with the VoiceHost platform
  29. Citrix - Softphone and Headset Virtualisation - I'd like to use a virtualised environment for my communications, softphones and headsets
  30. Compatible Router List & General Router Configuration - Routers are typically the source of network issues related to the implementation of both our SIP trunks and our Cloud Platform.
  31. Counterpath X-Lite and Bria Softphone Setup - Counterpath X-Lite and Bria softphone setup is very simple on all platforms.
  32. D-Link 320b Modem Configuration - D-Link 320b Modem Configuration when using in bridged mode with supported VoIP router.
  33. Dial Through - DISA - Dial Through or DISA (Direct Inward System Access) allows someone calling in from off-network to obtain access to the "internal" system dial tone and call out as if from one of the extensions attached to the system.
  34. Diallers - Important information on connecting a dialler to VoiceHost - Important information on connecting a dialler to VoiceHost
  35. Draytek Router VoIP Configuration - How to configure Draytek 27xx and 28xx series routers for VoIP.
  36. Fax to Email - Using a fax gateway, through the T.38 protocol. This is also called real-time faxing, i.e. the fax messages are sent and received at once, without having to wait and stored. It works, on the outside, like traditional faxing.
  37. FTTC - UK Fibre Self Install Openreach Approved Modems - Which modems should I use for an FTTC self-install?
  38. FTTP ONT - Optical Network Terminator - Help on the FTTP Optical Network Terminator (ONT).
  39. Ghost or Phantom calls from strange numbers - If you have received Ghost or Phantom calls from strange numbers and the calls are always silent then this is very likely that you have a local network vulnerability.
  40. Gigaset DECT Handsets - How to Call Transfer - How to use Gigaset A510, S650H, R650H, CL750A, SL450A and S850A DECT Handsets
  41. Gigaset N300IP - N510IP - GO DECT Base station Configuration - Setting up the Gigaset N300IP, N510IP and GO DECT base stations (handsets are simply paired to the base station)
  42. Grandstream DP720 and DP750 IP Phone Quick User Guide - Grandstream DP720/DP750 VoIP DECT Phone Quick User Guide
  43. Grandstream GXP1610 User Guide - Grandstream GXP1610 User Guide
  44. Help Portal
  45. Hosted Platform Short Codes - Hosted Platform Short Codes
  46. International Call Questions - Help on international telephone calls
  47. International Telephone Numbers - A list of available countries and the restrictions that may apply.
  48. IVR and auto-attendant - Interactive voice response (IVR) or Auto-attendant is a feature that allows callers to interact with the phone system through the use of button presses (DTMF tones) inputted via the phone keypad.
  49. Linphone Softphone Setup - How to setup and configure the Linphone Softphone application.
  50. Mikrotik Routers - Basic Configuration - A walkthrough of basic setup along with key performance and security tweaks.