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Help Portal

Help Portal

You can search for topics using the search tools or by simply browsing through the list. Should you be unable to find the information you require online then please contact us.
Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the information here is kept updated this cannot be guarenteed and should be treated as such.

  1. Grandstream GXP1610 User Guide - Grandstream GXP1610 User Guide
  2. Help Portal
  3. Hosted Directory | Shared Directory | LDAP - Hosted Directory or Shared directory is a Phonebook feature of our VoIP telephony platform.
  4. Hosted Platform Short Codes - Hosted Platform Vertical Service Codes (Telephone Short Codes)
  5. International Call Questions - Help on international telephone calls
  6. International Telephone Numbers - A list of available countries and the restrictions that may apply.
  7. IVR and auto-attendant - Interactive voice response (IVR) or Auto-attendant is a feature that allows callers to interact with the phone system through the use of button presses (DTMF tones) inputted via the phone keypad.
  8. Linphone Softphone Setup - How to setup and configure the Linphone Softphone application.
  9. Microsoft Teams Integration - Troubleshooting Microsoft Teams integration
  10. Mikrotik Routers - Basic Configuration - A walkthrough of basic setup along with key performance and security tweaks.
  11. Mitel 5000 - SIP Trunk Configuration - How to setup SIP trunks on a MITEL 5000 PBX
  12. MITEL MCD 6.X with VoiceHost SIP trunks - Configuration guide for MITEL MCD 6.X with VoiceHost SIP trunks
  13. Music on Hold - Music on hold (MOH) is the playing recorded music to fill the silence that would be heard by telephone callers who have been placed on hold. VoiceHost allows users to upload audio files in .mp3 (mpeg layer three) format and with a maximum file size of 10MB.
  14. NEC SV8100/SL1100/SL1000 - SIP Configuration - NEC SIP PBX Configuration Notes:
  15. Number Porting - Complete Handbook - Everything about telephone number porting into and out of the VoiceHost network
  16. Number Translation Services or NTS (Call Diverting) - What is NTS? Number Translation Services or NTS is sometimes known as 'Call Divert' and is the routing of a call to an onward telephone number without the caller having to redial.
  17. Panasonic KX-TGP SIP Phone setup - Panasonic KX-TGP Series SIP Configuration
  18. Panasonic NCP PBX - SIP Trunk Configuration Guide - How to configure SIP trunking on a Panasonic NCP PBX with the VoiceHost Platform.
  19. Panasonic NS1000 SIP Trunk Setup - Setup Reference guide for Panasonic NS1000 version 3.1 “Voicehost” SIP Trunks
  20. PAP2T ATA guide - Linksys Cisco - How to setup the Linksys PAP2T analogue telephone adapter
  21. Paxton Access Net2Entry SIP Door Controller Configuration - Paxton Access Net2Entry SIP Door Controller Configuration
  22. PCAP - SIP Fault finding with packet captures - What are Pcap files? How do I get them? What do they mean?
  23. PfSense VoIP Configuration - How to configure Pfsense for use with VoiceHost
  24. Polycom IP SoundPoint Configuration - Polycom IP SoundPoint Provisioning with the latest firmware
  25. Provisioning and Compatible Hosted PBX Handsets - List of SIP compatible handsets that can be provisioned to work at some level with our platform.
  26. Resetting Snom Phones - General information on resetting Snom phones.
  27. Samsung OfficeSERV - SIP Trunk Configuration Guide - Samsung OfficeSERV PBX configuration guide for the Voicehost Platform
  28. SIP ALG and why it should be disabled on most routers - SIP ALG and why it should be disabled on most routers
  29. SIP Error Codes & SIP Trunk Troubleshooting - A list of SIP codes and their respective explanations and with some general cause and fix options.
  30. SIP General Settings and PBX Compatibility - If a PBX is SIP compatible, then it will be compatible with our SIP trunks. The most important features for testing the compatibility of a PBX are these...
  31. SMS API - mobile text message access - The SMS API allows you to send and receive messages using a standard application using HTML POST and GET commands.
  32. Snom D715 user guide - How to setup and use a Snom D715 VoIP Phone with the VoiceHost platform
  33. Softphone Setup - VoiceHost Mobile Application - How to setup the VoiceHost softphone app for iOS and Android
  34. SonicWALL Configuration - The below are settings to enable SIP traffic to flow through the SonicWALL Firewall Two sections should be configured; SIP Enabling to allow traffic through, and Bandwidth management to ensure adequate QoS.
  35. STUN servers - What is a STUN server and how is it used?
  36. TAPI Integration - Microsoft Outlook Click-to-call - Basic 3rd Party TAPI integration
  37. Technicolor DWA0120 and TG588 IPv6 Router Setup - How to setup IPv6 on a Technicolor DWA0120 and TG588v2 Router
  38. Technicolor TG582n and TG589vn routers - Instructions on the basic setup of Technicolor routers.
  39. Telephone Number Presentation or Spoofing - A presentation number is a number nominated or provided by the caller that can identify that caller or be used to make a return or subsequent call.
  40. Telephone Preference Service - TPS and CTPS Checking - Checking numbers against the Telephone Preference Service and CTPS to either screen or block dialling out.
  41. Tesco Internet Phone Siemens DP450 Unlocking - Guide to unlocking your Tesco DP450 IP Phone and use with
  42. Time Profile - Time Conditions define a set of call routing rules based on time and date.
  43. Twinning - Hosted PBX Extension Twinning - What is Twinning?
  44. UK Phone Directory Services - Phonebook - Submitting telephone numbers to the UK phonebook
  45. Video Calls - Hosted PBX users can make and receive video calls as they would do a voice call. There are various video-enabled handsets and softphones which support video and we have tested the following to confirm those that we will support on the platform.
  46. Voicemail - Voicemail and how it works on the VoiceHost platform
  47. VoIP Fraud Mitigation and Best Practices - The following tools are in place within the VoiceHost customer control panel to try and help protect against fraudulent calls.
  48. VoIP QoS - Quality of Service - The VoiceHost broadband network supports QoS and heres how
  49. VoIP Routes - What are VoIP Routes?
  50. Wake-up call reminders - What are Wake-up call reminders? A wake up call reminder is simply a pre-programmed cal