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Internet Telephony Services Providers’ Association quality mark approved provider

Quality Mark Approved

ITSPA aspires to represent the best in the VoIP industry and we are keen to ensure that consumers are aware that ITSPA members are reputable companies that can be trusted and that the industry strives for excellence both in service reliability and customer satisfaction.

All full ITSPA members must abide by the ITSPA Code of Practice, which covers all relevant elements of OFCOM regulations. The Quality Mark is only available to members who have gone beyond the ITSPA Code of Practice and are committed to promoting industry best practices and can be duly recognised for their efforts.  

"The Quality Mark is available to members who have gone beyond the ITSPA Code of Practice and are committed to promoting industry best practices and can be duly recognised for their efforts."

There are a range of criteria for ITSPA quality mark approved status. Aside from the technical competencies and industry interworking, there are public facing criteria as listed below.

VoiceHost is also a member of other key industry bodies and conforms to key industry guidelines and regulations including the ISPA (Internet Providers Association), ISO:9001, RIPE and Ofcom.

A full list and details of the compliance is available here:

Quality Mark Award Criteria - Customer Facing Only
  • Provide evidence of Compliance where applicable with the ITSPA Code of Practice and Best Common Practice Documents and promotion of this code on the company website.
  • Provide evidence of access to the emergency services 999 databases, updating of customer address data and that customers are made fully aware that this service is available and its limitations.
  • Provide evidence that customers are made fully aware that the member company is also a member of a recognised dispute resolution scheme.
  • Nuisance Calls Policy.
  • CLI Presentation Policy.
  • Data Protection and Retention Compliance.
  • Provide evidence that you have published the names of the primary companies with whom you are able to port numbers both to and from e.g. BT, Virgin, Sky, etc.
  • Telecoms Fraud prevention and mitigation systems.

How can our voice and data network help you?

Telehouse West London Data Centre

N+1 Resilience

We have redundancy built into our core network

Anti-fraud suite

We have a range of tools available to help you minimise your exposure to VoIP fraud

Proprietary systems

We have built custom systems from the ground up in carrier neutral datacentres

Quality and Uptime

We monitor our routes for quality and maintain a core uptime of >99.99%

Our own network, built from the ground up

We've built our Voice and Data Platforms from the ground up, meaning we know every inch of it, and can continue to develop it without waiting for scheduled upgrades. Our focus is on building a strong and complementary core product range and providing the best end-to-end service for the thousands of customers that use us.

"We're dedicated to providing the Best Possible Service, at the Best Possible Price. Get in touch to learn how you can take advantage."

By using the VoiceHost platform, you're investing in a sound foundation for the future. VoiceHost is continually investing in its network ensuring that it remains uncongested and error free.

The criticality of real-time communications means that we're geared up to have an ultra low-latency core fabric and carefully selected TIER 1 partner-carriers