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After getting a very last minute notification of closure from our old company and lots of due diligence in sourcing a replacement, Voicehost has stepped up and "smashed the bar", knowledgable, very very prompt, extremely helpful and most importantly, kept us honestly informed of every step during the changeover. I can't recommend them highly enough, the online dashboard experience is clear and straightforward and all in all, a pleasure to do business with - highly recommended.

Lloyd Goodwin
Company Director
YGWM Ltd Wealth Management

This year, the team decided to use a VOIP provider called Voicehost. Using only a computer connected to the internet, this gives us a significant cost benefit over the line rental of a physical phone line. The IT Service Desk was refitted with gigabit Ethernet, networked desktop computers and IP phones. Voicehost allows users to pick a software-based softphone or a physical IP phone from a wide variety of choices and, based on testing carried out by the network administrators, X-Lite and the Linksys SPA921 was chosen. The installation of both software and hardware was smooth and all the information needed was provided by the support pages – it’s also nice to know that if they’re ever needed, the support team from Voicehost are fantastic too.

Using Voicehost, the team were able to make and receive calls as if using a standard telephone line - the only change being that the phones could be relied on, unlike our old lines! Throughout the launch, both staff in the ITSD and users calling in were impressed with Voicehost’s far-superior uptime and call quality. Right from the start, Voicehost has proved itself to be extremely reliable and versatile, handling several incoming calls and voicemails with ease.

One of the massive benefits of using Voicehost is the significant savings on outgoing call charges. Compared to standard lines, calls to landlines are much cheaper and calls to other Voicehost users are free. The saving from this leaves us with enough budget to actually use for new equipment!
We highly recommend Voicehost to our partners and clients and are looking to become a reseller in the future – we can't fault the product, service or attitude of VoiceHost and we look forward to working with them as our business grows.

The Team
IT Service Desk
TN Group Worldwide

Thank you so very much for bringing my company together, as you will know we have people working from home over 5 locations in 4 city’s and 3 countries. The VoiceHost phone system has seamlessly and effortlessly bought all my staff together be it by mobile phone, desk phone or integrated voice to email answering systems finally and the customers incoming call experience has improved dramatically.
I found your sales process ultra professional and the system was implemented within 24 hours of my initial call, all my equipment arrived set up and ready to plug and play.
Who would ever have thought that a corporate image IVR system could be so effortlessly implemented.
The support you provide is excellent, and you have walked us through any problems we have had and stuck with us until there was a resolution, always eager to go the extra mile. I have and will continue to recommend you to our client base, you’re a credit to your industry.
Jascer Coates-Waite
Wicked Imports Ltd

We contacted VoiceHost to help set us up with a VOIP system to support our small but rapidly growing company. The chaps were extremely helpful throughout the process, from recommending appropriate hardware and software to helping with installation and set-up. We've seen a very good saving in comparison to what we would have paid for similar functionality using a traditional phone system and the web control panel makes administering the system really easy and gives me a real sense of being in control. We've also had an extra broadband line installed by VoiceHost which provides us with the connection we run the VOIP over - the line speed is excellent and it's also doubled up as a backup internet connection for the office which is great! I can't fault the product, service or attitude of the guys from VoiceHost and I look forward to working with them as we grow our business. Highly, highly recommended.
James Thomson
Soak Digital Ltd

I must tell you how pleased we both are with your telephone services and the equipment you have supplied to us. I must admit we were a little sceptical about VoIP as we do receive a lot of phone calls from companies each week offering "cheaper phone calls". However after hearing what you had to offer it became apparent that not only would it save us money, more importantly to us your system would enable us to work more productively and efficiently between our fragmented offices. Thank you for all your backup too, without which we would have been lost in this new but essential technology.
Richard and Jo
5 DAY Driving Courses

When I decided to add a new Receptionist Service to my Secretarial business I went to a lot of VoIP providers, and when I finally got to VoiceHost I found them to be the most helpful. I knew very little/nothing about Voice Over IP phones apart from they worked via the internet.  Since my first call to them they have continually be consistent, they answer all my questions in a non-technical way and they always have a reply to any support queries raised well within the 24 hours they say it will take – in most case this is done within the hour, if not immediately. I love the service they provide and help is always there when you need it, by phone, email and their support site. I have no hesitation in recommending VoiceHost to anyone who asks about VoIP and I am getting my customers to take up their services so that we can all talk to each other for free.
Thank you so much for all you help.
Debbie Tomlinson
As and When Admin Services

Voicehost.co.uk is a very good voip provider. Good features, No monthly contracts, pay as you go, with good call quality and customer support is out of this world. Try them you will find them very good.
Richard Davison

As a company working in the digital age, we need a reliable and versatile telephone system that can adapt as our company circumstances change. We found that a VoIP solution was the obvious route to take. VoiceHost provided informed and professional advice as to the best way to proceed. We have not looked back. We are able to use our UK number all over the world and the savings over our previous landlines are significant. I am personally very happy to recommend VoiceHost to any individual or company that wants to move to a flexible, IP based telephone system.
Conal Oldfield
Oldfield Ellis Associates

The Aston Annual Fund was established to harness the goodwill of Aston’s alumni and friends and is a key part of the University’s fundraising strategy. It is supported by two telephone appeals per academic year, which usually take place in the autumn and spring terms. A team of current students telephone Aston graduates to ask them to pledge their support for the University, and help fund projects across the campus community. Last year, with approximately 5000 calls to make, the team decided to use an Internet Telephony service called Voicehost. Using only a computer connected to the internet, the students were able to make calls to graduates all over the world.
To carry out the campaign, the Development & Alumni Relations Office and ISA set up a call room equipped with computing facilities in the Aston Multimedia Interactive Research Suite (AMIRS). To enable the students to make telephone calls, each computer was installed with a Softphone; a specialist piece of software that converts the caller’s voice into information that can be sent over the internet. Voicehost allows users to choose a Softphone from a range of providers and, based on testing carried out by ISA, X-Lite 3.0 was chosen (see below). This is a popular choice offering an easy to use telephone which can also cater for both voice and video communications. Using X-Lite, the students were able to make calls in the same way as a standard telephone - the only difference being that their telephone was on their computer screen and in place of a handset they used a microphone and headset. Throughout the campaign, both students and staff in the Development & Alumni Relations Office were impressed with Voicehost.
Annual Fund Manager, Luke Taylor, said: “As it was a telephone campaign, it was crucial that the equipment we used was stable and able to work how we needed it. From start to finish Voicehost proved to be extremely reliable, helping us to successfully contact graduates across the world.” A key benefit of using Voicehost was the significant savings on call charges. Compared to standard telephones, calls to landlines are cheaper and calls to other PCs using Voicehost are free. This helped the University save approximately £2000 compared to last year’s campaign. In addition, Voicehost also offers enhanced security benefits compared to other Internet Telephony providers. ISA’s IT Security Officer, Arif Ahmed and AMIRS suite Operational Manager Andrew Wilson were in charge of setting up the software for the campaign.
Arif commented: “With so many calls to make it was important for ISA to ensure that the University’s network remained safe. Unlike some other Internet Telephony providers, Voicehost utilises SIP (Session Initiated Protocol), which has been adopted by the Voice over IP (VOIP) community as the protocol of choice and does not carry any of the security risks that are associated with other protocols like Peer to Peer (P2P).” On looking ahead to the next telephone campaign Luke Taylor added: “We were very pleased with our decision to use Voicehost and our confidence in the software has meant we will definitely be using it again in our future fundraising efforts.” Voicehost is ISA’s preferred provider of internet telephony and is available to all staff and students at the University. To use it simply register free at the Voicehost website (www.voicehost.co.uk) and download your Softphone.


- Aston University VoiceHost Campaigns

Luke Taylor
Information Systems Team
Aston University

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