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BLF or Busy Lamp Field

What are Busy Lamp Fields or BLFs and how do i configure them?

Call Encryption - TLS/SRTP walkthrough

Secure by design | VoIP encryption

Call Monitoring

Call monitoring walkthrough

Call Parking

Call parking is a feature of our cloud PBX that allows a user to put a caller on hold at one telephone and continue the conversation from any other telephone within their account.

Cloud PBX Explainer

Teaser video explaining how cloud / hosted telephone benefits you and your business.

Hosted Directory LDAP - Lightweight Directory Access Protocol

The VoiceHost Hosted Phone Directory service gives our customers access to a centralised phonebook to use with any compatible phone that is provisioned by VoiceHost.

Hosted Platform Short Codes

VoiceHost Cloud Platform Short Code List

Paxton Access Net2Entry SIP Door Controller Configuration

Paxton Access Net2Entry SIP Intercom Panel Configuration

Provisioning and Compatible Hosted PBX Handsets

List of SIP compatible handsets that can be provisioned to work at some level with our platform.

Receptionist Console

The Receptionist Console is a web application that allows the monitoring of a telephones status. The VoiceHost receptionist console also allows for click-to-call and directory integration from a secure web application.

TAPI Integration - Microsoft Outlook Click-to-call

Basic 3rd Party TAPI integration

Video Calls

Hosted PBX users can make and receive video calls as they would do a voice call. There are various video enabled handsets and softphones which support video and we have tested the following to confirm those that we will support on the platform.


Call Encryption - TLS/SRTP walkthrough
Embedded thumbnail for Call Encryption - TLS/SRTP walkthrough
Hosted Directory LDAP - Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
Embedded thumbnail for Hosted Directory LDAP - Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
Cloud PBX Explainer
Embedded thumbnail for Cloud PBX Explainer
Zoiper Softphone Configuration
Embedded thumbnail for Zoiper Softphone Configuration
Call Conferencing
Embedded thumbnail for Call Conferencing
Receptionist Console
Embedded thumbnail for Receptionist Console
2n Helios Verso IP Door Entry Configuration for SIP
Embedded thumbnail for 2n Helios Verso IP Door Entry Configuration for SIP

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