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SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking

Hybrid On-Premises Telephony Solutions

SIP Trunks - Not all SIP Trunks are created equal...
SIP Trunking

SIP Trunks offer a reliable, cost-effective and feature-rich replacement for ISDN Circuits and analogue lines. While ISDN circuits have traditionally been favoured as a way to make and receive calls to/from your PBX, availability of high-speed Data Connections, as well as increased stability in IP Platforms have led to SIP Trunks becoming a preferred option for call routing to/from the BT PSTN network.

Compared to ISDN circuits, SIP Trunks can provide far great functionality at a lower cost. SIP Trunks are instantly scaled and provisioned in real-time. When bundled with an advanced fraud prevention service, it's unsurprising that a vast number of businesses are migrating from traditional fixed line services to a digital one.

"VoiceHost is a UK provider of SIP Trunking. Our SIP Trunks are instantly activated and instantly scaled. You can add our advanced features to your existing PBX"

In order to make and receive calls through your SIP Trunk, your IP-PBX will connect to your on-site Network (generally through the Router). The IP-PBX will then communicate with our Call Routing platform over a Data Connection (such as Broadband, EFM or a Leased Line) in the form of millions of synchronous data packets. Calls can be served to your SIP Trunk in HD (high-definition) and are not limited to just voice, video and instant messaging is growing in popularity.

When you make an outbound call through your IP PBX, that call travels through your Data Connection to reach our Call Routing platform, which then 'hands-off' the call to the upstream networks. When receiving a call from the PSTN network, the call reaches our Call Routing platform, which then forwards the call to your IP-PBX through the SIP Trunk(s).

Your inbound and outbound calls will follow bespoke call routing patterns, according to rules configured in our easy-to-use web portal. The web portal allows for easy initial configuration, as well as real-time changes to your office phone system if required. Because the Call Routing platform is hosted off-site, and accessible online at any time, you do not need to book an engineer if you wish to make any changes. Because our Technical support team is available 24/7, and conveniently based in our Norwich offices, help is available if you have any difficulty with these changes.

How can our voice and data network help you?


  Why VoIP?


Pay as you grow with no limitations


Connect from anywhere with a data connection.


A range of enterprise grade features without the enterprise cost.


Provision Services in real-time, flexibility when you need it

The benefits of VoIP

Our SIP platform can gives businesses the competitive edge (source -

31% of businesses use VoIP systems due to its productivity and cost-saving benefits 31%
Companies that invested in technology that allows the employees the flexibilty to work remotely saw productivity rise by 20% 20%
Businesses save on avaerage 62% on communication costs 62%
Organisations with Unified Comminications, including VoIP, saved an average of 32 minutes per employee per day because it enabled staff to reach each other on the first try. 32 minutes (per 7.5hr day)