Aastra 6753i SIP Phones

Configuration Guide for Aastra 6753i SIP Phones

Factory Reset (If pre used)

  • On the handset press the button printed below:
  • Scroll down until you see “Admin Menu” and hit the right arrow key located under the display.
  • The phone will ask for a “”Admin Password” as default this is “22222” or alternatively enter the admin password.
  • Press the down arrow to enter the menu.
  • Scroll down to option “4 Factory Default”, and press the right arrow twice, this will then carry out a factory reset and reboot.

Obtain IP address

  • Press the “Spanner” key.
  • Scroll right to “Phone Status”.
  • Press the right arrow to enter into this menu.
  • Press down once until “IP&MAC Addresses” is displayed and press the right arrow.

Take a note of the IP Address

On a PC

  • Enter the IP address into the internet browser address bar.
  • Then log in as below (Username: admin Password:22222)
  • Once Logged In, Click Global SIP located in the left hand side menu.

Enter the details into the fields with the Green Dots

The username & password will be given & should look something like this:

Username: XXXXX*XXX

Password: (Password Is Case Sensitive)

Username :XXXXX*XXX


The next section covers Basic SIP settings.

The details to enter in the fields marked with the green dots are as follows:

Proxy Server:                sip.sipconvergence.co.uk

Proxy Port:                   5060

Registrar Server:           sip.sipconvergence.co.uk

Registrar Port:               5060

The next section covers Advanced SIP settings.

The Following sections need altering

Local SIP UDP/TCP Port:                  5060

Local SIP TLS Port:                            5061

The final section is RTP Settings:

The RTP Port field needs altering to 3000

Scroll down to the bottom and click “save settings.”

No more settings need altering after this and you can close the browser down. The phone should auto register.


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