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Nuisance Calls

Nuisance Calls

Receiving unwanted calls?
Here's what should you do...

VoiceHost has millions of telephone numbers built across its network and takes a very dim view on nuisance calls.
Whether a VoiceHost customer or not, if you have received unwanted calls and have reason to believe that the calls are connected to VoiceHost then please action the following.

Nuisance Calls - What should you do next
Nature of Call
Agency for reporting
Fraudulent CallAction FraudThe caller pretends to be calling from your bank (If you have been the victim of a fraudulent call you should report it to Action Fraud who will issue you with a police crime reference number and investigate further)
Threatening or Harassing CallPoliceThe caller causes alarm, distress and fear of violence (If you feel the calls are threatening or harassing in nature you should report it to your local police force by calling the non-emergency number: 101)


Sales Call

Telephone Preference ServiceThe caller is trying to sell something to you. (If the call or Fax is unwanted marketing, you can opt out of them using the Telephone Preference Service (TPS).
Information Commissioners OfficeIf you’ve already registered with the TPS and are still receiving calls you can complain to them and they will escalate the breach to the Information Commissioners Office who have the power to fine the perpetrator.)
Silent or Abandoned CallOfcomThe phone rings and is either silent or disconnects (Abandoned or silent calls should be reported to Ofcom)
You think VoiceHost is calling you?

As a Communications Provider, we do unfortunately receive complaints that we are making nuisance calls. This is facilitated by the misinformation of looking up who the 'Range-Holder' is for a given telephone number. VoiceHost is almost certainly not calling you and rather a website has told you that the number belongs to VoiceHost, meaning it is part of a block allocated to VoiceHost from Ofcom, the regulator.

If one of our customers has been genuinely allocated a questionable number then we will, of course, look to take action. This does not detract from reporting the call as suggested above.

From 1st October 2018 Telecommunications companies can trace calls through originating networks via the Network ID for a call.

VoiceHost will not provide details of calls or customers under any circumstances, unless requested to do so by lawful process and the relevant authority.

How Companies and Agencies investigate unwanted calls and what happens next?

Following your complaint, your telecommunications provider, Police and/or ICO etc have established industry procedures and will usually get in touch with the range-holder and investigate. If we’re the range-holder and the call is genuinely from someone on our network we will take action but in the majority of cases the caller ID of the call has been falsified and the calls did not originate with one of our customers. Although VoiceHost is not an investigatory, regulatory or enforcement entity, please feel free to inform us with specific details of your concerns as we may be able to assist.

The Range Holder is the company to which Ofcom assigned telephone numbers to and telephone numbers must fall into one of the four categories below:

  • Numbers where VoiceHost IS the range holder and the numbers are active on the VoiceHost network.
  • Numbers where VoiceHost IS NOT the range holder but the numbers are ported to the VoiceHost network (from BT, Virgin, Sky etc..)
  • Numbers where VoiceHost IS the range holder but the numbers are ported away to another network (BT, Virgin, Sky etc..)
  • Numbers where VoiceHost IS the range holder but the numbers are not in service (not allocated to a customer).

How VoiceHost can help protect you from Nuisance Callers:
  • If you are a VoiceHost customer and you are receiving Nuisance calls then you can protect yourself by logging into your control panel and enabling a Blacklist to screen inbound calls.
  • If the calls are during the night then a 'Time Profile' may help by rejecting calls through the night.
  • If the number is 'Anonymous' then enabling the 'Reject Anonymous Calls' feature may also help.
  • Screening calls for malformed or obviously spoofed Presentation Numbers.