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Hosted Platform Short Codes

Hosted Platform Short Codes

Cloud Platform Vertical Service Codes (Telephone Short Codes)
Emergency Services999 or 112
Call a group of phones (as defined in the portal under call groups)*<group number>
Intercept/Pickup group call*0#<pickup group ID>
Intercept/Pickup extension call**<seat/extension number>
Call another extension (internal only)<seat/extension number>
Speaking clock (on-platform)123
Dial Welcome Message1234
Withhold number prefix (per call)141<telephone number>
Last Call Identified (DDI calls and Group calls only)1471
Record a custom prompt (e.g. IVR greeting, Queue greeting)151 (Record your prompt)
               |_   1 - Accept the recording
               |_2 - Listen back to the recorded prompt
               |_3 - Re-record the prompt
Call Monitoring (Call Whisper), listen into another seat and optionally whisper to them. (passwords defined in the portal)154, <seat number>,<password>
  |_1 - Listen to the call
  |_2 - Whisper to extension
Dial Echo Test (used for latency diagnostics)160
Time Profile Night Mode (Toggles Active/Inactive destination)*1#<time profile number>
Page extension (one-way audio)*2#<seat/extension number>
Page group (one-way audio)*3#<call group>
Intercom (two-way audio)*4#<seat/extension number>
Wake-up call reminder (Create and Delete)*5#<enter 24H time>
Call Parking1900 <parking reference read back> (Parks the current call)
<dial parking reference given when parking> (retrieves a given parked call)
Call Recording#1 (mute call recording)
#2 (unmute call recording)
Extension Call Intercept/Pickup**<seat number>
Dynamic Call Queue agent login (extensions jumping in/out of queues)120*<queue number> (Login to a call queue)
121*<queue number>  (Logout of a call queue)
Access Voicemail Externally (mailbox & password required from the portal)0843 557 4 557
Access Extension Voicemail (only accessible from the extension itself)1571
Access Shared Voicemail (accessible from any extension within the account)1572
Voicemail Menu0 - Mailbox options
               |_        1 - Record unavailable greeting (rings out)
               |_2 - Record busy greeting (only works if handset sends a busy signal back to platform, disable call waiting)
               |_3 - Record name
               |_4 - Record temporary greeting
               |_5 - Change mailbox password
1 - Listen to old messages (messages previously listened to)
2 - Change folders (Work, Friends, Family)
3 - Advanced options
               |_1 - Call back sender
               |_2 - Move message to another folder (Work, Friends, Family)
4 - Play the previous message (if exists)
5 - Repeat the current message
6 - Play the next message (if exists)
7 - Delete or Restore a recently deleted message
8 - Forward to another users extension
9 - Save Message
* - Help (Repeats the menu options)
# - Exit
Access Conferencing Service Externally0843 557 5 575
Call or transfer into the conferencing facility155, <room>#, <PIN or admin PIN>#, <state name>#
Conference Room Short Codes* - Conferencing Menu
               |_   1 - mute and unmute
               |_2 - Lock and unlock the room - admin only
               |_3 - Kick the last joined user - admin only
               |_4 and 6 - Conference room volume up/down
               |_7 and 9 - users volume up/down
               |_8 - Exit the conference